CAT (10)

Text book in electronic form: Gr10_CAT_Theory__Part1 Gr10_CAT_Theory__Part2

Scope Final Assessment Grade 10 2021

Term 3

Week 1 and 2


Revised today(), countblank, basic functions


Look at how to do presentations by using Powerpoint

  • Transitions
  • Animation
  • Notes
  • Adding videos
  • Editing bullets
  • Change order of slides
  • Changing themes

Term 2

Week 2

We looked at networks, page 130 to 139.

In practical we started with Excel, looking at formulas and basic functions like sum, average, min and max.

Please complete the revision activity on page 139 and Activity 9.1 on page 132

Week 1

You need to do a task about fake news. Please do research about fake news and be prepared to ask 10 questions with answers about fake news.

In practical we are doing tables and tabs.

TEST: 12 April 2021

Scope Grade 10 Term 1 2021

Please study the Powerpoint slides



Week ending 2 April 2021

CAT_Graad 10_T1_W7

RTT_Graad 10_K1_W7

Week ending 26 March 2021

CAT_Grade 10_T1_W6

RTT_Graad 10 K1 W6

Week ending 19 March 2021

RTT_Graad 10_K1_W5

CAT_Grade 10_T1_W5

Week ending 12 March 2021

RTT Graad 10 K1 W4

CAT Grade 10 T1 W4

Week ending 5 March 2021

RTT_Graad 10_T1_W3

CAT_Grade 10_T1_W3

Week ending 26 February 2021

RTT_Graad 10_K1_W2

CAT_Grade 10_T1_W2

Week ending 19 February

We looked at File management and had a first look at Word processing. Please study theory at home, pay attention to ICT.

CAT Grade 10 RTT Graad 10

Woordsoek terme

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